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Saturday, February 8, 2020




What do you understand your audience may want to try. Now you've learned how to display search results, let's define a website's strategic goal with your keyword Research and how to craft content to meet both users and search engines.

This is your target market power, and how to better communicate with keyword searches does not lie in your quest to be satisfied with the products, services or products.

Provides a keyword search with specific search data that can help you answer questions such as:

  • What are people looking for?
  • How many do you seek to achieve?
  • And I do not want her to form this knowledge?
In this chapter, you will get tools and strategies to uncover that information, then it will help you to learn the avoidance system to build a strong fan of search and content keywords. Upon discovering how your target audience is searching for content that never starts to open up a new strategic world Maurois!

Before Keyword Research, ask Questions

Before search engine optimization can help grow a business, you must understand that it is they who are your customers and goals.


This is where it is often crooked. Since the keyword search method is based on the maximum level of exceeding too many people, and when it is now, what do you want us to offer poetry?

The answer is that what you want is a step to the public, what it wants and how often two other floors. More information and use of the word developed in the public and sharpening their minds will have much more disposal than putting the keywords.

Here is an example. Frank and Joe (from Seattle, according to the vegetarian, gluten-free ice cream shop) have heard about SEO and how and how often they want to show the best organic help each other. In order for the first to require you to understand a little more about their help they will. This is what you seek.


  • What types of ice cream, sweets and snacks are people, the masses and the rest of the investigation?
  • Which one of these search terms?
  • When people were searching for ice cream, snacks, sweets, etc.?
  • Seasonal trends throughout the year
  • How are people looking for ice cream?
  • Which words and not using it?
  • For questions what are you doing?
  • Reviles has become increasingly looking for?
  • Why don't you ask that they're ice cream?

Finally - kicker - how to provide the best ice cream content to help you cultivate the city and reserve to do all that you want? By asking the counselor who answering these questions is a critical step, which is searching for the keywords of your army, and more for you, because he finds that hiring help content.

What Terms are People Searching for?

Although it is not for me to describe what you do: you are seeking a place to hear, but not with regard to the products, services, that is, and the information they provide you with? This question is a critical step in the first keyword search process.

Discovering Keywords

It is possible that the mind would like to say a few words in degrees. This is not like you, your services, another website address and it is great for search words and seeds to start with? You can enter keywords in the keyword search tool to search for keywords, average monthly search volume, and the like. We'll look at the book in more depth in the next section, but found at the right time, you can help identify the most popular keywords that are variations on your researchers.

When you enter the keyword keyword search tool seed, you will begin to search for other keywords, your content with common issues and topics that you may have missed otherwise.

Let's take a florist that specializes in making use, for example, of marriage.

Writing "wedding" and "flowers" in the keyword search tool, you can find great importance, highly searched and related terms.
In the process of discovering keyword relevance to your content, you most likely notice that the size of those search keywords is very different. While you want to be sure the target audience is searching for words, in some cases it is more useful to target search terms with less volume because they are much less competitive.

With each low rise and very useful for your site's competition keywords, search volume learning can help you prioritize your site's keywords and choose the ones that make the greatest strategic advantage.

How often are those terms searched?

Uncovering search volume

To get in the word or keyword book at a higher position at a certain point of view, our most need is usually required to achieve the highest ranking. This is often referred to as having difficulty leaking floor features. For example, if many of the SERP features (as featured snippets, flag graphs, carousels, etc.) they make the word stop and fill the page, it becomes more difficult. How many times the end result is a high volume of major brands 10 keywords that just started on the Internet, and if going after the same keywords, top uphill battle can take years of effort.

Usually, the higher the search volume, the greater the effort required to achieve any of the device's effort, in order to win the competition. When they go too low a risk approach they are not looking for your website. In many cases, it cannot be absolutely necessary for more than useful to target the least research competition. Maurois argue that keywords are a long tail.

Understanding the long tail

# 1 would be a big step towards the word "shoes" ... or otherwise?

Surprisingly, you have to deal with 50,000 keywords a month or even 5,000 searches a month, but in reality, these make up only a small portion of every research on popular web searches. For, I ask if he intends to show that these are the keywords to break into with very large quantities of obscure said and other meaning, and I have no doubt that he went to the place where the page contents are available URNS Sagittarius does not cross nor equals it provides.


Isn't it due to the lack of nutritional value of the pizza? For pizza? To search for a family restaurant? Google does not know these things, therefore it will have to be provided for the help of these features, and melted. Targeting pizza mediums is likely to throw a net at a lot.

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